Is there a minimum number of pieces you are willing to print for me? How about a maximum?

We will do just about any job – no matter how big or small! It is more cost efficient for both of us to have more shirts printed, however.

I have an idea of what I want, but I do not have the tools to do the design myself. Is this a service you offer?

Indeed! Graphic design is one of the many services we offer. We love art projects, and have no problem coming up with something for you. We bill art time at $50.00 per hour. Just contact us and ask to speak to the art department. Having an example or two of what you're going for will help immensely.

I have already had art work done or have done a design myself. What format do you need it in so that you can move forward to printing it?

Well that makes things easier for sure! We prefer you send your art work in a vector format. We work in CorelDRAW and prefer .CDR, .PDF, or .EPS. We can also use Adobe Illustrator (.AI) files, but sometimes they don't cooperate with our software.

I am not able to obtain a vector version of my art. Can you use pixel-based art such as a JPEG for printing?

Ah! That is unfortunate, but all is not lost. If the art that you do have is somewhere around 200 DPI and relatively near the size you would like it printed, then we should be able to work from it. If you can not obtain art of this quality, then we can usually recreate your art work to be screenprinting-friendly at $50.00 per hour. Just ask for an estimate!

I can not find a place to purchase the stock I would like to use for my order. Are you guys able to purchase it for me?

Of course! We have access to a several different vendors that offer a multitude of styles for you to choose from. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to get you the t-shirt of your dreams. It's what we do!

I have already placed an order. When can I expect it to be completed?

Our production time is typically 5 - 7 working days after an order is placed. It depends on the time of year. To a more concrete answer, please call or email us. We will work something out!

I am pressed for time and need my order completed sooner than that. How can we make that happen?

We understand that sometimes you just have to rush an order through. To accommodate those rush orders, we charge $20 - $100 extra depending on the amount of time and complexity involved in your rush order. For all rush orders, please call immediately for assistance!

Can you ship the job once finished? Is there any where you will not ship?

Absolutely! We can ship pretty much anywhere. Blind shipping is also available for you promoting/marketing people out there. Just let us know what you need done and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Any other questions? Just contact us and we will gladly answer them for you.